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The Workshop

Solid Rock Guitar Company - custom acoustic guitars in Virginia As of early summer 2014, we have been keeping quite busy.

We have been branching out into all types of wood combinations for our guitars in the search to bring our customers the best sounding, best looking, highest quality acoustic guitars in the US.

Solid Rock guitars are all hand-crafted, with the best woods that we can source (some of the wood is old-growth timber from right here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia), with all of the top accessories, and with the greatest of care and craftmanship.   Every single guitar is made by me, Tommy Taylor, and I strive to create unique, superlative acoustic guitars.

We encourage you to call us (757)894-2210 if you have any questions about how much our guitars cost, our process, the waiting time for a guitar, or any question at all.

Keep pickin'.

Adjusting and Caring for Your Guitar

The Process of Building an Acoustic Guitar

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