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J-200 Jumbo Sunburst, Redwood & Ziricote J-200 Jumbo
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Solid Rock Guitar Co: Provider of high quality, well-crafted acoustic guitars in Nashville, Virginia, New York and many more

Looking for the right guitar that would suit your music style and preference can sometimes be challenging, considering the many luthiers around.
One of the leading luthiers serving Nashville, Virginia, New York and other neighboring areas, we at, Solid Rock Guitar Co. offer a wide variety of high quality handmade acoustic guitars that would definitely compliment your exquisite passion for music.

We specialized in handmade custom acoustic guitars with outstanding tonal qualities producing good sound without needing amplification. Our custom built acoustic guitars will answer the meticulous and unique musical taste of every musician.

We also specialized in creating high quality handmade steel string acoustic guitars that are made of solid wood construction. Our steel string guitars make good quality sound that would complement any kind of music style.

As an experienced luthiers servicing Nashville, Virginia and New York, we pride ourselves with the quality of our work. We exert ample time and effort to meticulously assemble all our custom built and steel string acoustic guitars. We use high quality materials to ensure the great sound quality of our instruments.

You don’t need to spend so much to have a well-crafted custom built or steel string guitar. All our high quality and great sounding acoustic guitars are available within a reasonable price range. 

Whether you are playing bluegrass and country, rock, folk and jazz, we have the right guitar for you!

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